"A World apart from any other."

   Welcome to the Lands of Rain River, a world created by, used by, and built for gamer's! Based on the Wizards of the Coast Faerun setting, this collaboration of ideas, came into being with the help of many loyal, imaginative, and motivated players and who have over the years created many of their own cities and ruins for their own ends. Now together all these great ideas become one with the introduction of The World of Rain River, a world without limits nor expectations. Where any one person may make nations fall, and monsters rise to take battle.

   Click the World above to get to the flat map image and a description of the many regions, to be updated as members start to build the world into cities, forests, secret groups and grand nations. People and monsters, gods and hero's, cannon fodder and battle weary warriors will roam across the fields alike, waiting for their destinies to be written, and their wishes fulfilled. Want to know more? Want to become part of the new world? Check out the Forums, and post your ideas or join up and help create a vast universe of Life.

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